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Sango Environmental Challenge 2050 ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGE 2050

Towards a better global environment in 2050,
the Sango Group will strive to balance economic growth and preservation of the global environment.
To contribute to the realization of a sustainable society,
the Sango Group will take up initiatives aimed at creating 3 areas of value.

Long-Term Environmental Vision

Sango Basic Global Environmental Policy

Basic Policy

  • Under the Sango Corporate Principles and through the development of environmentally-friendly products, environmentally responsible production sites, and the Sango tree-planting initiative, we will strive to achieve a society of sustainable growth where economic growth and environmental preservation can coexist.
  • We will go beyond simply complying with laws and agreements to set and abide by our own voluntary standards. We will respond fairly and conscientiously to the demands of our stakeholders.
  • We will provide appropriate environmental information at the proper timing, supporting the peace of mind and safety of stakeholders.
  • To further heighten each employee’s awareness of the environment, we will carry out training and activities to raise awareness, providing continuous training for our members so that they can contribute to environmental preservation.

Guideline for Action

Challenge 1 Throughout the life cycle, from development to design, purchasing, logistics, production, sales, usage, and end-of-life, we will conduct our business in consideration of the environment.
Challenge 2 We will strive to develop products and technology with a high added value that can contribute to the customer’s environmental value.
Challenge 3 We will pursue innovative manufacturing methods that are energy and resource efficient and which lessen environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas, waste, and chemical emissions.
Challenge 4 We will take up activities aimed at the practical realization of a society where man and nature co-exist in harmony, preserving biodiversity and protecting the natural environment.
Challenge 5 We will create a global environmental management system, manage environmental risk, and link this with our business strategy, to prevent pollution and pursue continuous improvement.

Established on October 6th, 2017
Chairperson of Environmental Committee