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Basic Purchasing Policy


01Open business transactions

With a fair and impartial approach regardless of whether in Japan or overseas, Sango implements purchasing activities to seek widely for suppliers of components for our products, subsidiary materials, production equipment, tooling and other items.

Sango bases supplier selection decisions on a comprehensive evaluation of the supplier's quality, technology, cost, and delivery, as well as the willingness to take on continuous improvement (kaizen) activities and the company's organization.


02Mutual growth and development based on mutual trust

We believe that both Sango and our suppliers have worked towards mutual growth and development through the various activities carried out with our suppliers. In order to continue in this vein, we believe that it is important to build strong ties of trust through close communication with our suppliers.


03Promotion of Green purchasing

Sango actively promotes the purchase of environmentally-friendly parts, subsidiary materials and other items. For this reason, we will work closely with suppliers with the aim of establishing production plants which help preserve the environment.


04Well-thought out disaster risk management

Sango promotes risk management related to disaster prevention, with the primary emphasis on the thorough implementation of "Safety First".


05Complete legal compliance and confidentiality

All purchasing activity conducted by Sango complies with related legal regulations. In addition, all information obtained through transactions with another company is treated as confidential and is therefore handled with appropriate care.

Main Purchasing Items



Metal material (Steel sheet / Steel pipe)


02Equipment and Tools

Equipment / Dies for metal presses 
Machine parts / Electrical parts / cutting tools and jigs/tools  
Building structures Consumable articles



Stamped parts Machined (grinding) / cold forged parts 
Sintered (powdered metal) parts Surface treatment processing

【To submit a proposal to our Purchasing department】

Sango awaits high quality proposals that contribute to our cost reduction activities.
If you wish to become our supplier, please fill and send the form through "Contact us".