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Metal Sheet Stamping

By making the appropriate choices for the method and processes
and with our die manufacturing capability, we can process metal sheet
in complex shapes offering our customers products
with excellent cost-performance qualities.

Process of metal sheet stamping

Stamping is a type of sheet metal processing to shape metal sheet giving high pressure with press.
By combining basic procedures of Drawing, Blanking and Bending techniques, a metal sheet can be formed into complex shapes. Sango can also process the ultra-high-tension material, a high tensile strength steel.

Stainless steel processing applications

Exhaust manifold part

Muffler outer shell

Exhaust manifold part

Thick material applications

Multiple port flange


Irregularly shaped flange

Engine mount bracket

Vehicle body parts processing examples

Inner side cowl

Cross member

Drive shaft center support

High strength steel
plate (1180Mpa)
processing example

Front floor reinforcement

Example of
double layer

Exhaust manifold insulator

Example of roll
and bend

Exhaust manifold inner pipe