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Development of Heat Recovery System

Sango has robust experience in developing and manufacturing exhaust systems.
In 2008, we began using our expertise and knowledge to develop heat collectors,
which are devices that recover exhaust heat and help improve energy efficiency.
By 2018, we had completed the 4th generation, the world's number 1 heat collector.

Heat collectors (exhaust heat recovery device)

Heat collectors efficiently recover the exhaust heat and use it to warm engine coolant faster, which in turn, improves fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.
Compared to the conventional type, the 4th generation heat collectors are 60% smaller in size and 41% lighter in weight, yet maintains a fuel efficiency improvement level that is top class within the industry.

4th Generation Heat Collector

Development of technology for exhaust gas heat recovery and utilization

In addition to the heat collectors, we are also pursuing the development of new technology for the future. This technology will allow us to store exhaust heat for use when it is needed later, as well as recover and convert exhaust gas heat to electricity and power. This is a brief introduction to the development of thermoelectric generation technology, which will directly convert exhaust heat to electricity.

Technology for electricity generation

Electricity generation principle

Electricity is generated by applying a temperature difference to a thermoelectric device comprised of elements such as semi-conductors.

Installed configuration on a test vehicle

Prototype of a thermoelectric power generator unit utilizing exhaust gas heat