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Company Creed and Corporate Principles

A Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer Embracing the Future

Since our founding in 1928, we have dedicated ourselves to the art of manufacturing. In particular, our specialized technology for automotive exhaust system products has led domestic and overseas vehicle manufacturers to recognize Sango as an ''approved drawing manufacturer''1. Combining this feature with an unstinting pursuit of excellence in stamping and forging technology that began with the founding of Sango, and as one of the few Japan's automotive parts manufacturers with an integrated secondary steel product division, Sango has established a strong and robust position within the industry.
At the same time, while addressing the globalization and environmental issues of our times, we have also executed a supple transformation of our company. As a company "inheriting proud traditions, while boldly embracing revolutionary change", Sango will continue to walk together with society down a path of dedication to excellence.

1 A supplier commissioned by vehicle manufacturers to design the products.

Company Creed

Three intertwined elements of prosperity
Prosperity for our country,
for our company and for ourselves

Corporate Principles

With a steadfast commitment to the preservation of our family-like bond and teamwork, and the development of our human resources, manufacturing skills, and environmental policy, we shall persevere in our challenge to create Sango products that contribute to global society.