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This web site is operated by Sango Co., Ltd. and its affiliates.
Please note the following with regard to the use of this site.

Copyrights / Trademarks

The text, photographs, illustrations, videos, music, software, etc. on this web site (hereafter: "the Contents") are protected by copyrights held by Sango Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereafter: "the Company") and other third parties. Copying of the Contents of this site through downloading or other means is only permitted if the intent is for use by the individual, at home, or other similar purposes. Moreover, if the Contents display copyrights owned by the Company or a third party, when said Contents are copied, the copied material must display the relevant accompanying copyright. Even in cases where the Contents are copied for purposes other than those mentioned above, for those individual Contents which display individual usage terms and conditions according to the copyright owner, such Contents may be used in accordance with said terms and conditions. In the case where figures, third party copyrights, etc. are included, and in cases such as when the company deems the use of the contents to be inappropriate, there could be instances where usage of said Contents is refused.

Excluding the above-mentioned cases and cases where copyright laws apply, the Contents may not be used for adaptation, public transmission, or any other purpose, without consent of the copyright owner.

All rights related to trademarks, logos, and trade names used in this web site belong to the Company or each copyright holder. Except for cases where usage of such trademarks, logos and trade names are permitted by trademark or other laws, usage of these items without the consent of the Company is prohibited by trademark and other laws, so if a user wishes to use such trademarks, it is requested that the Company be contacted in advance and consent obtained from the Company before said usage.

Neither the Company, nor any third party copyright holder, consents to the transfer of any patent, trademark or other rights with respect to this site and its Contents, nor are the Contents of this site guaranteed in any way.


The Company does guarantee accuracy, utility, reliability, safety or any other facet of this web site Contents. The Company is completely indemnified and has no liability in the unlikely event that damages occur due to the use or the lack of use of the Contents of this site.

The Company may change or delete the Contents of this site or the URL without prior notice. Please be advised that any information provided on this site might not reflect the most recent information related to that topic. In addition, there may be cases where the operation of the Contents on this site is interrupted or canceled without prior notice. The Company is indemnified from any damages occurring as a result of these cases.

The Company may change any site policies without prior notice. In such cases, the site policy after the change will be applied and your understanding is requested.

Applicable law and designated court with jurisdiction

Use of this site, interpretation and application of the site policy shall refer to the legislation of Japan, unless otherwise provided. Furthermore, as the court of first instance, Nagoya District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute concerns the used of this site, unless otherwise provided.