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Together with our team members around the world and for the good of our local communities, we aim to achieve sustainable growth under the banner of "Sango the Environmental Company".

With the current increase in EVs and carbon neutrality movement, as well as various recent changes in market conditions and everyday living conditions, we here at the Sango Group are faced with the urgent task of responding to these changes on an unprecedented scale. In order to respond flexibly to these enormous changes in our business environment, we are placing at the core of our business, Sango’s metal forming technology cultivated over long years of experience in the exhaust business, which incorporates an integrated approach from material processing to part manufacturing, and along with our expertise and experience in environmental technology. We will take on initiatives to address the earth’s environmental issues and create products that will contribute to the world’s environmental needs. In addition, as we look to achieve the SDGs aimed at realizing a sustainable society, as each employee takes on these goals, we will promote socially responsible activities and build harmonious relationships with local communities. In April 2022, we have established the Code of Conduct, a guideline that includes the respect for human rights and compliance with laws and rules. By following this guideline, Sango’s employees will further promote the strengthening of our corporate compliance. Thus, by changing from “Sango the Muffler Company” to “Sango the Environmental Company”, we will be in cooperation with not only the automobile industry, but all local communities as well. Along with our steady contributions to our customers, we will continue both deepening our efforts for new business projects aimed at the future and the development of new technical innovation. With heartfelt sinceri ty, we ask for even deeper support and encouragement f rom our customers and business partners in our efforts.

Takashi Tsunekawa Executive President