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Vehicle Body and Chassis Products

We offer exceptional products both in performance and price,
using our strength in processing ultra-high tensile
steel and steel pipe plastic forming technology.

Product portfolio


Located at the front of the front door, this product intersects with the floor, roof and front door. This part plays an important role in the structure of a vehicle, as it must be able to withstand the impact of a front-end collision and ensure comfortable passenger space.


Situated between the front door and rear door, this product plays an important role in the safety of the vehicle in the event of a side collision. For this reason, in recent years high tensile steel and even stronger ultra-high tensile steel are being actively adopted for use in this product.

Roof side rail

Situated above the front and rear doors, this product forms part of the framework around the doors. It plays an important role in transmitting and releasing impact energy to the roof from the B-pillar during a side collision.

Roof side inner

A body frame part located inside the rear quarter pillar. It prevents body deformation by force transmitted from road while driving.

Dash panel

A bulkhead separating engine room from the passenger compartment. It also serves to reduce vibration noise from the suspension.

Upper back panel

Situated above the rear seat of a sedan type of vehicle, this product is where the rear speaker unit is installed.

Rocker panel

Located on the lower side of the front and rear doors, this product forms part of the framework around the doors.

Floor cross member

Situated horizontally in the vehicle floor, this product secures the passenger space during a side collision, reducing damage and injury.

Radiator support

As a part of the framework forming the front end of the vehicle, this product helps ensure rigidity in the front structure. It also plays role in supporting surrounding parts, such as the radiator and headlights.

Cross member

For many SUV vehicles which use the ladder frame structure, this product horizontally connects the side rails. In addition, torsional rigidity can be drastically improved with the use of pipe material instead of the conventional approach with half-pressings.

Steering stability brace

This part increases vehicle body torsional rigidity, improving the stability of the steering function.

Collision brace

Made from pipe material, this product stabilizes front side frame rail deformation mode during a collision and absorbs the impact energy.

Tunnel brace

Located in the front tunnel area, this product increases the rigidity of the floor area.

Rear suspension brace

This product connects the rear suspension member with the body, increasing vehicle body torsional rigidity.

Brake pedal

Part of a vehicle brake system, this part is used when decelerating (braking) the vehicle.

Engine mount bracket

This product connects the main engine body with the vehicle body.

Door impact beam

This is a safety critical product, which prevents the door from collapsing into the vehicle's interior space during a side collision, protecting the passengers within.

Belt line reinforcement

This product increases rigidity in the door, protecting passengers during a side collision.

Instrument panel reinforcement

Located inside the dashboard, this product supports such components as the steering, audio and air conditioning units.

Front floor reinforcement

Located on the lower side of front seat, this structural component absorbs the load and protects passengers in case of a collision.

Battery clamp

This product is used to assemble battery of a hybrid car. Cation electrodeposition coating method is applied.

Door hinge

This product supports doors and has an important role to protect passengers in case of a collision.

Suspension member pipe

It is a structural component of a vehicle. It needs enough strength and rigidity to withstand power from tires and to absorb collision impact.