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Development of the Engine Sound

In Sango, we are trying not only to
attenuate the exhaust noise
but also to create sounds
that are pleasant to people,
through research and
development of engine sound.

Development of sound timbre

Exhaust systems and mufflers for premium sports cars

With the utilization of Sango's original methods for the development of sound timbre and by highlighting the high harmonic orders, we are able to reproduce the F1 sound.

Sports muffler (aftermarket part)

With some expert tuning of the muffler, we are able to offer an aftermarket muffler with a powerful, sensuous sound.

Sound timbre development flow

What are formants?

Frequency and formant give difference to quality and color of the sound. We can say that formant is an element that gives character to the sound. Sango has paid attention to this, and we are doing research and development of pleasant sound timbre.