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Ninety years of history have passed since the founding of Sango in 1928.
We have traveled this path through history with the support and patronage of our customers and the strong efforts of our employees.
I feel not only sincere appreciation for this every day, but also a deep sense of responsibility.
We are in an era of dramatic economic fluctuation and these trends race around the world. However, the Sango Group must steadfastly demonstrate our staying power even in the face of harsh trends.
With the understanding that this is also an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen our company in terms of environmental change, it is my intention that we review our work methods and systems, promote personal employee growth through problem solving, and through such processes, provide results that will delight our customers. Moreover, the addressing of environmental and energy related issues on a global scale is an urgent task.
Taking to heart the words, "Enduring company growth occurs as a result of a healthy environment", Sango will contribute to the building of an earth-friendly environment through new products and the technology to produce them.
Just as Sango's corporate principles reflect our philosophy and values, each and every employee, myself included, will work to become the embodiment of these ideals throughout all of our operations.