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Sango Group working to enhance the corporate governance for a healthy organization.

Corporate Governance System

Sango has established the corporate governance system shown below. This system enables us to make transparent and fair decisions quickly, taking into consideration all our stakeholders, including our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and local communities.

Internal Control Committee

Our Internal Control Committee implements legal compliance and risk management initiatives according to the corporate governance system with a basic approach for internal control systems to ensure the propriety of work carried out within the organization.

Internal Reporting System

We have set up an internal whistleblowing and consultation service called the Sango☆Helpline for the purpose of preventing, detecting and correcting misconduct at an early stage to strengthen our compliance system.

Tax Policy

To maintain and improve our corporate governance related to taxation,
we formulated the Sango Group Tax Policy.

Sango Group Tax Policy


The SANGO WAY lays down the principles of behavior for Sango employees. It describes the values we share and what actions or behaviors are expected of Sango Group members.


Code of Conduct

The Sango Group Code of Conduct is a collection of guidelines and points of attention that each of us should take as a standard. It serves as a compass in our daily work and life.

Sango Group Code of Conduct