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Sango makes use of different types of joining technologies
and by choosing the appropriate joining method for the material
or location and through the design of our production processes,
we provide our customers with high quality products.


Joining technique combines metal parts to make a larger component or product. Welding is a type of joining that joins two metallic materials by using heat or pressure to melt and fuse parts together. In order to make high quality products, it is important to choose an adequate method depending on the type or form of metal to unite.

Arc welding

MIG welding, TIG welding, Plasma welding

MIG welding

TIG welding

Plasma welding

Resistance welding

Spot welding, Projection welding, Seam welding, Flash welding

Spot welding

Laser welding

CO2 laser welding,
YAG laser welding

Laser welding

Mechanical joints


Press fit, Lock seam process, Curling process

Braze welding


Torch brazing, Oven brazing